Jurassic-2 Mid

AI21’s mid-sized model, carefully designed to strike the right balance between exceptional quality and affordability. Jurassic-2 Mid can be applied to any language comprehension or generation task.

This model offers enhanced text generation capabilities, making it well-suited to language tasks with a greater degree of complexity. Its fine-tuning options allow for optimization of quality, while maintaining an affordable price and high efficiency.

Jurassic foundation models are trained on a massive corpus of text, making them a powerful basis for a wide range of natural language processing applications, capable of understanding & composing human-like text.

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Use cases:

  • Question answering
  • Summarization
  • Draft generation
  • Advanced information extraction
  • Ideation.


Optimal balance of quality, speed & cost

  • Input: $0.01 / 1k tokens
  • Output: $0.01 / 1k tokens

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