Unified GPT Prompt Features

Unlock the full potential of Promptitude's features to elevate and optimize your workflow. Discover the possibilities that lie ahead and transform your AI-powered processes.

Prompt Management

Create, test & manage your prompts in one place, edit & deploy prompts without depending on developers.

AI Chats

Easily create provider agnostic AI Chats. Seamlessly integrate Content Storage, Tools functionality, and team collaboration for efficient prompt automation.

Prompt API

Execute your prompts with a simple REST API, copy-and-paste code snippets, and integrate into any web & mobile application.

Logs & Feedback

Log end-user feedback, filter logs by prompt, status & rating, and indentify error logs with detailed AI provider feedback.

Prompt Playground

Playground to test & develop new prompts interactively, switch between AI providers & models with one click.

Scrape Web Pages

Extract information from web pages, add URLs as input parameters to prompts, and automatically retrieve the URLs' full text.

API Keys

Create & manage different API keys for each of your apps & projects.

Multiple AI Providers

Utilize all common AI providers & models with one simple API, store provider credentials & API keys.

Team & Permissions

Invite your team and set permissions to create, test & deploy prompts collaboratively.

Content Storage

Get personalized results from your GPT prompts with "Content Storage" that allows you to upload your own content.

Share & Embed Prompts

Extend the functionality of your prompts to any website or application, unlocking their full potential for everyone to see.


Gain valuable insights into usage, quality, and cost metrics with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Model Fine-Tuning

Fine-tune models with just one click and unlock the full potential of AI customization at your fingertips.


Elevate your chats and prompts integrating powerful tools for increased efficiency. Access external services, automate tasks, and optimize workflows seamlessly.

Coming Soon

Prompt A/B-Tests

Effortlessly test multiple prompt variations and optimize your results with automated testing capabilities.

Coming Soon

Paid Marketplace

Discover, acquire, and optimize top-performing prompts for enhanced your results.

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Gain invaluable insights, expert guidance, and GPT mastery from your dedicated coach. Uncover quick wins, implement with confidence, and refine for optimal results.

Prompt Engineering

Collaborate seamlessly with us to co-create and achieve remarkable results. Unlock the potential of GPT-powered flows and features to captivate your clients, users, and team.

Turnkey Projects

Share your vision and feedback while we craft your strategy, roadmap, and tailor-made specifications. Accelerate your journey with our expertise.

You're in good company

Many new users didn't even create a popup. Now they just enter their website, and the popup is ready. Promptitude does all the heavy-lifting and generates ready-to-use texts, based on their website. Feels like magic.

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Koen van de Wetering
Founder & CEO
Uden, Netherlands
Landing Page Builder (SaaS)

Switching from ChatGPT to Promptitude was a game-changer for our business. We can finally generate specific, tailored results that truly reflect our brand and product. We can share prompts with the team for consistent results. And everybody saves time.

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Josh Harris
London, United Kingdom
Documents & eSigning

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