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Transforming Board Meeting Minutes into a Breeze with Promptitude

"Thanks to Promptitude, we could speed up some of our most time-consuming tasks. The prompt to automate the generation of board meeting minutes has not only streamlined our workflow, but also improved the overall efficiency of our operations. We are thrilled with the positive impact it has had on our productivity."

Josh Harris
Josh Harris
Founder & CEO
Documents & eSigning
London, United Kingdom

Streamline Contract Creation and E-Signing

UK-based Doc2 specializes in automating the creation of contracts from existing templates. Their platform turns Word templates into online forms, allowing businesses to generate bespoke and unique documents by simply answering questions. In addition, Doc2 offers integrated eSigning, enabling businesses to get their documents signed in minutes.

Despite their advanced offerings, Doc2 faced a common challenge - the time-consuming task of generating board meeting minutes.

Challenge & Goals

The Battle with Board Meeting Minutes

Before using Promptitude, Doc2 found the process of creating board meeting minutes to be a tedious and time-consuming task.

The manual process involved transcribing discussions, summarizing key points, and organizing the information in a clear and concise format. This not only took up valuable time but also left room for potential errors.

Their goal was to find a solution that could automate this process, ensuring accuracy while significantly reducing the time spent on generating these crucial documents. They needed a tool that could handle the complexity of their board meetings, yet was simple enough to use without requiring extensive training or setup.

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Transforming Board Meeting Minutes into a Breeze with Promptitude
Transforming Board Meeting Minutes into a Breeze with Promptitude

Approach & Services

Promptitude: The Game-Changer for Meeting Minutes

Promptitude proved to be the perfect solution for Doc2's challenge. As a prompting productivity platform, it was designed to streamline and automate tasks like generating meeting minutes. With an optimized GPT prompt that creates concise summaries from meeting transcripts, Promptitude turned what used to be hours of work into just a few minutes.

One of the standout features for Doc2 was Promptitude's ability to adapt the prompt to different meeting structures. By simply changing the meeting agenda within the prompt, they could use it for different types of meetings, making it a versatile tool for their business.

Moreover, Promptitude's integration with markdown preview allowed Doc2 to easily format their meeting minutes, adding another layer of professionalism to their documents. The cost-effectiveness of the platform was another major benefit, offering significant value for a minimal investment.

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Josh Harris
Founder & CEO

It's not just about the many hours that Promptitude has saved me, like when I'm creating board meeting minutes - in minutes. It's about the accuracy, speed, and professionalism it brings to our internal workflows.


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