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Write Personalized Content With Ease. Repurpose Instantly.

Say goodbye to generic AI responses: Upload your documentation to Promptitude and generate all kinds of technical content that reflects your tone, voice, and products.

Ask & Generate Anything

Create prompts that answer questions, analyze documents, and generate anything from help articles to feature descriptions, blog posts, and guides.

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Get Tailored Responses

Say goodbye to generic AI outputs: Enjoy personalized results that reflect the tone, voice and mission of your brand and business.

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Based on Your Content

Work with your personal GPT by uploading your documentation, sales, and marketing content. Promptitude integrates it intelligently into your prompts.

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Personalized Content

Generate Docs in Your Style & Tone.

Technical documentation requires a consistent tone, style, and glossary. And deep knowledge about your products and services.

Promptitude helps you maintain consistency across various pieces of content, ensuring that the writing adheres to your organization's guidelines.

  • Generate content based on the knowledge of your entire existing documentation.
  • Insert your unique company jargon, tone, and style into technical documentation.
  • Maintain a consistent voice across all internal and customer-facing content.
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Prompts & Chat

Get Ideas & Create Drafts. Then Finalize in No Time.

Incorporating AI-generated prompts into a technical writer's workflow can enhance efficiency, creativity, and the overall quality of technical content.

It's important, however, for writers to review and refine the generated content to ensure accuracy and alignment with their goals.

  • Use AI prompts to quickly draft blog posts or email campaigns.
  • Enhance your technical reports by incorporating AI suggestions.
  • Refine generated content for better alignment with your goals.
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Companies revolutionizing content creation with Promptitude

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I’m a technical writer. What can Promptitude do for me?

Boost your creativity, productivity, and results. Automate boring and tedious tasks, so you have more time to focus on what matters most: writing great, original content.

Generate new content by simply repurposing existing docs.

Upload or link your entire docs and content from PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, and Markdown. Then repurpose it as blog posts, guides, newsletters - the possibilities are endless.

Adapt content for different industries, niches, and personas.

Do you need to cater to both technically skilled readers and novices alike? With Promptitude, you rewrite, simplify, or extend your content with ease.

Create multilingual content to connect with your international audience.

Promptitude offer multilingual capabilities, enabling technical writers to quickly translate content into various languages without starting from scratch.

Tailor the style of your content to each platform and channel.

Use Promptitude to create prompts that adapt sentence structure, grammar, and even vocabulary to each medium you're targeting, ensuring polished content that resonates with the respective audience.

Brainstorm, generate, and evaluate new content ideas.

Encourage brainstorming sessions, generating ideas for articles, blog posts, or tutorials based on existing content. Explore different angles to get a solid starting point, saving you time and energy for refining the texts.

Work Better
With Prompts

Optimize your technical writing process with the power of AI. Invite your team to collaboratively create, test & deploy GPT prompts: Speed up content creation, ensure clarity, and maintain consistency across your documentation. Embrace innovation and efficiency in your technical content workflow.

Multilingual Content

Reach Your International Audience With Ease.

With Promptitude, you can dive into global markets effortlessly. Multilingual prompts save you time and resources by transcreating your existing content into a multitude of languages.

You don't need to be a language expert, just let the AI do the hard work for you.

  • Launch your product in multiple countries simultaneously by quickly localizing your software.
  • Expand your customer support by providing multilingual help documents and guides.
  • Engage your global audience with marketing campaigns translated in their native language.
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Share, Embed & Integrate Your Prompts. Anywhere.

With Promptitude, you can spread your ideas far and wide. Share your prompts effortlessly with coworkers and freelancers, or embed them into your intranet or website.

Or integrate your prompts right into your existing applications and workflows via Promptitude's simple API and No-Code integrations.

  • Create highly effective prompts once and share them with the team - consistency guaranteed.
  • Create help and support assistants and embed them in your website or documentation.
  • Integrate your prompts in your existing workflows via the REST API or integration (coming soon).
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Streamline your technical writing process with Promptitude. AI-driven platform empowers technical writers to create, edit, and enhance content efficiently. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to enhanced productivity.

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