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Embrace the power of AI and turn those hours of manual grind into moments of smart, automated bliss. Perfect for teams big or small, we're here to make your linguistic workflow a breeze.

Custom Creations on Demand

Need accurate emails or catchy articles in multiple languages? Just ask. Our AI crafts content that nails your brand's style and voice, every time.

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Get Tailored Responses

Let AI polish your texts until they sparkle. We're talking edits that elevate your translations from good to 'wow'.

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Smarter, Faster Localization

Ditch the manual checks. The AI spots and fixes localization hiccups and terminology tangles, making sure your content feels right at home, anywhere.

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AI specialist
Localization Services & Technologies

I am very impressed with Promptitude. It’s easy for me to manage different use cases and it’s so easy and fast to learn. And, I see you’re constantly integrating the platform with more models and releasing new features when it’s already super complete.

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Style-Conscious Translation

Translate with Confidence, Consistency and Brand Voice

You want your brand's personality to shine across all languages. With Promptitude, you can ensure your company's unique voice is maintained in every translation.

No more miscommunication or inconsistency. Reflect your brand accurately across the globe, adhering to your style guides, glossaries and specific linguistic requirements.

  • Seamlessly translate marketing content while preserving your brand's tone.
  • Maintain linguistic consistency across product descriptions in multiple languages.
  • Ensure legal documents adhere to industry-specific terminologies in all translations.

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Multilingual Content Creation

Create Quality Content in Multiple Languages Swiftly

Say hello to Multilingual Content Creation with Promptitude, your new best friend in content generation. This feature lets you generate articles or emails in multiple languages swiftly and accurately.

Experience the power of artificial intelligence ensuring all your content is consistent, utilizing a reliable database. It’s about saving time without compromising on quality.

  • Send personalized marketing emails in your customer's native language.
  • Generate multilingual blog posts for wider audience reach.
  • Create product descriptions in various languages for global customers.
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Companies revolutionizing content creation with Promptitude

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I’m a localization manager. What can Promptitude do for me?

Adopt generative AI across your entire team and product - in no time

Style-Conscious Translation

Ensure your global communications reflect your brand’s unique voice. Use AI to translate content according to your company’s style guides, glossaries, and specific linguistic requirements, maintaining consistency across all languages.

Enhanced Translation Editing

Elevate the quality of your translations with AI-powered editing. Large language models can revise and enhance text, ensuring your translations are not only accurate but also polished and professional.

Scalable Language Quality Assurance

Implement AI to detect, flag, and categorize translation errors. This tool helps streamline the LQA process, making it faster and more efficient, allowing you to maintain high-quality content at scale.

Localization Bug Detection

Use AI to construct prompts that identify localization issues in UI screenshots. This ensures that your software’s user interface is not only functional but also culturally appropriate across different markets.

Multilingual Content Creation

Generate articles or emails in multiple languages quickly and accurately. AI helps ensure that all content is consistent and draws from a reliable database, speeding up content creation without sacrificing quality.

Rapid Terminology Management

Extract and translate key terminology from your digital assets swiftly. AI assists in building comprehensive glossaries and knowledge bases, classifying and explaining terms to enhance understanding and usage across your organization.

Work Better
With Prompts

Develop, test, and deploy all your generative AI prompts in one place. Promptitude’s powerful prompt engineering platform makes it easy for you.

Vision Prompts

Transform Screenshots into Actionable Insights

With Promptitude's Vision Prompts, you can unlock the potential hidden in screenshots. Turn visual data into meaningful text in just minutes.

No more manual labour - let our AI do the heavy lifting for you. Get your UI texts analyzed and edited according to your guidelines instantly.

  • Got a screenshot from a customer? Instantly convert it into editable text for easy follow-up.
  • Analyze UI texts from any image, ensuring consistent quality across all platforms.
  • Transform visual data into actionable insights, guiding your business decisions with accuracy.
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Google Sheets Integration

Automate Prompts, Gain Efficiency!

With Promptitude’s Google Sheets integration, you can run custom prompts on a thousand segments simultaneously. No more time-consuming manual inputs, hello efficiency!

What's more? Our integrations with DeepL and Gmail take seamless prompt management to the next level. Your startups and small businesses can now operate like well-oiled machines.

  • Use our Google Sheets integration to dispatch tailored prompts to diverse customer segments.
  • Leverage DeepL integration for multilingual prompt management.
  • Utilize Gmail integration for real-time prompt notifications and responses.
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Celina Iñones
Spanish Translator
World Trade Organization (WTO)
Regulatory Institution

I assisted last week's online training on Gen AI in Localization by Custom.MT and Promptitude. Thank you very much for explaining with such passion what Gen AI could eventually do for us language professionals. Your passion is contagious and your capacity to break down complex concepts for simpler understanding is amazing. Keep passing on knowledge!

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