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Artificial Intelligence

A GroqLabs AI Language Interface.

Simplifying high-performance processing for machine learning and AI with innovative software-defined hardware and silicon efficiency. Ideal for diverse compute-intensive applications.

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Groq is on a mission to set the standard for GenAI inference speed, helping real-time AI applications come to life today.

Benefits of Groq:

  • Simplified High-Performance Architecture: Groq offers a simpler processing architecture designed specifically for machine learning and compute-intensive workloads, improving developer productivity.
  • Innovative Technology Approach: By focusing on software-defined hardware and silicon innovation, Groq bypasses traditional constraints, offering efficient silicon design and higher compute density.
  • Maximized Developer Velocity: Groq streamlines the development process by eliminating hand optimization and specialized knowledge requirements, allowing for faster deployment and improved performance.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Groq products are versatile, adapting swiftly to various computational needs, empowering users to build cutting-edge compute technologies efficiently.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Groq simplifies machine learning deployment and execution, broadening the accessibility of AI applications and insights for a wider audience.
  • Multi-Purpose Usage: While ideal for deep learning inference processing, Groq's Turing-complete architecture serves as a high-performance platform for diverse compute-intensive workloads.


  • Obtain the API key from your provider: Typically, the API key is located in the AI provider's settings section.
  • Create an AI Connection within Promptitude: Navigate to AI Connections in Promptitude, and select the New Connection button located in the upper right.
  • In the emerging panel, select your provider and assign a name to the connection (begin with the provider's name). Next, insert the previously copied API keys.
  • Hit Save, and you are all set to draft your initial prompt!
  • Conversational Chatbot: Experience the lightning-fast response of Groq with a simple conversational chatbot built with LangChain
  • DuckDB Text-2-SQL: Auto-Generate SQL from text on your DuckDB data
  • DuckDB RAG: Use Retrieval-Augmentation Generation techniques to enhance your SQL app
  • CrewAI Machine Learning Assistant: Kickstarting your machine learning projects with Groq assistance

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