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Microsoft Azure

Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate AI solutions with customizable models. Use your data to innovate and scale efficiently.

Kickstart your AI projects with a comprehensive platform. Evaluate and deploy AI responsibly using prebuilt or customizable models.

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Privacy & Security

The Azure cloud platform offers a vast array of over 200 products and cloud services, helping you develop innovative solutions for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Build, deploy, and manage applications across various clouds, on-premises, and edge environments using your preferred tools and frameworks.

Jumpstart your AI initiatives with a comprehensive platform, where you can evaluate models and deploy generative AI applications responsibly. Utilize prebuilt or customizable models and leverage your data to build AI solutions quickly, innovating at scale.


  • Rely on your cloud: Ensure security with a foundation built from the ground up, supported by expert teams, and proactive compliance recognized by enterprises, governments, and startups.
  • Operate Hybrid Environments Smoothly: Whether on-premises, across multiple clouds, or at the edge, our services meet you where you are. Seamlessly integrate and manage your environments with hybrid cloud solutions.
  • Develop on Your Terms: Embrace open source and enjoy support for all languages and frameworks, allowing you to build and deploy according to your preferences.
  • Stay Future-Ready: Benefit from Microsoft's ongoing innovation, supporting your current development and future product visions.


  • Discover the Model Catalog Explore the newest AI models and managed API services to find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Utilize generative AI tools to refine and customize models, manage prompts, and assess application performance.
  • Build with confidence using responsible AI technologies, templates, and best practices, including content filters and control mechanisms.
  • Implement and expand AI solutions for websites and applications, while consistently monitoring their performance.


  • Add an AI Connection in Promptitude: In Promptitude, go to your AI Connections and click the New Connection button at the top right. Available for Enterprise Plans
  • In the slide-over, choose your provider and name the connection (just use the provider name for starters). Then paste the API keys and Endpoint of your account.
  • Click Save, and continue to synchronize or add your AI models.

➔ How to Add Your Microsoft Azure

  • Enhance customer experiences: Build apps with natural language interfaces grounded in your enterprise data to personalize content and minimize wait times.
  • Minimize organizational risk: Create applications that use advanced analytics and automation to proactively identify, evaluate, and address operational risks.
  • Improve work quality: Develop solutions that enable teams to connect and collaborate effectively, boosting operational efficiencies and accelerating feedback cycles.
  • Boost productivity and efficiency: Leverage AI to streamline processes, automate tasks, and increase productivity, allowing employees to concentrate on essential work.

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