User Onboarding

Engage & convert new signups with magical onboarding experiences

Getting new signups is hard. But converting them to paid subscribers? A real challenge.

With Promptitude, you surprise new trial users and deliver quick wins fast:

Ask them for minimal input (like their website, or a short text). Then generate something real for them, like a first email, post, whatever your app is about.

The result: More happy paying customers thanks to your magical onboarding experience.

Ideal for:
Any SaaS & mobile app

Variables & Website Parsing

Deliver Quick Wins with Minimal User Input

Nothing makes your trial users run away faster than blank pages and lengthy input forms.

Instead, ask them for 1 or 2 short texts, and generate a ready-to-use draft for them!

Or just ask for their website, and generate content perfectly tailored to their business.

Promptitude does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on providing the best user & onboarding experience.

Start Delivering Quick Wins for Free
User Onboarding: Deliver Quick Wins with Minimal User Input

Texts, Lists & JSON Data

Generate All Kinds of Content for Your Users

What will your users think of your app if you generate ready-to-use content for them?

  • Headlines, product descriptions, and any kind of text
  • Emails and social posts
  • Landing Pages, popups... your imagination is the limit!

Promptitude helps you develop, test, and deploy your prompts with ease, so you can generate texts, lists, and structured data for your users.

Start Generating Content for Free
User Onboarding: Generate All Kinds of Content for Your Users

GPT Prompt Library (April 23)

Hit the Ground Running with Ready-to-Use Prompts

Writing prompts for GPT is a new art form. First, you need to make your prompt work.

Then, it needs to adapt to all potential user inputs of your SaaS or mobile app without generating gibberish.

Save countless hours with Promptitude's prompt library (coming April 2023):

Simply pick one of the ready-to-use prompts and integrate into your app in minutes!

Discover Prompts & Use Them for Free
User Onboarding: Hit the Ground Running with Ready-to-Use Prompts

Simple & Fast Integration

Add the Power of GPT to Your App in Minutes

Focus on your SaaS or mobile app, not on prompts and integrations:

Promptitude lets you develop, test, and deploy all your prompts in one place - without depending on your developers for every change.

And with Promptitude's logs and user rating, you can debug and improve your prompts in no time.

You can even manage all your AI providers in one place.

Add GPT to Your App for Free
User Onboarding: Add the Power of GPT to Your App in Minutes

Many new users didn't even create a popup. Now they just enter their website, and the popup is ready. Promptitude does all the heavy-lifting and generates ready-to-use texts, based on their website. Feels like magic.

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Koen van de Wetering
Founder & CEO
Uden, Netherlands
Landing Page Builder (SaaS)

Empower your SaaS with GPT. Today.

Manage, test, and deploy all your prompts & providers in one place. All your devs need to do is copy&paste one API call. Make your app stand out from the crowd - with Promptitude.