Interactive Lead Magnets

Generate more leads with truly useful interactive lead magnets

It's hard to get new leads & subscribers with simple PDF lead magnets.

The alternative? Publish tiny interactive tools that deliver immediate value:

From copy to cover letter generator and beyond, people will happily give you their email address to use them.

Promptitude takes care of all the AI text & image prompts. You get the leads.

Ideal for:
Any business doing online marketing
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Our Buyer Persona Sneak Peek is a conversion beast: Website visitors enter a job title and get a first persona in 10 seconds. And sign up. Promptitude does everything AI, so implementation took less than a day.

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AI Persona Generator
Karen Sánchez
Marketer & UI/UX Designer
AI Persona Generator
Marketing (SaaS)

Empower your SaaS with GPT. Today.

Manage, test, and deploy all your prompts & providers in one place. All your devs need to do is copy&paste one API call. Make your app stand out from the crowd - with Promptitude.