AI Text Generation

Wow your users with AI-generated texts

Does your SaaS or mobile app generate any kind of content?

Most of your users are pressed for time. And hate typing lengthy texts.

The solution: Ask for minimal input (like their website, or a short text). Then generate ready-to-use texts for emails, posts, tasks... the possibilities are endless.

Your users will love it, resulting in more recommendations and less churn for you.

Ideal for:
Any SaaS or mobile app with user inputs
No items found.

We use all kinds of GPT prompts. We extract information and generate texts. Now our marketers can create, test and deploy those prompts themselves... no more dev time needed. Thanks to Promptitude.

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William Garcia
Senior Developer
All-in-One Marketing Builder (SaaS)

Empower your SaaS with GPT. Today.

Manage, test, and deploy all your prompts & providers in one place. All your devs need to do is copy&paste one API call. Make your app stand out from the crowd - with Promptitude.