Success story

Revolutionizing Hackathons with Promptitude: A Custom.MT Success Story

"As a leading language industry startup, we at Custom.MT were looking for an efficient way to organize our GPT Hackathons. We needed a platform that was easy to use, allowed collaboration, and could handle our specific requirements.

That's when we found Promptitude. It not only met our needs but exceeded them, providing us with additional features that made our hackathons more productive and successful."

Konstantin Dranch
Konstantin Dranch
Language Models for Localization
Prague, Czech Republic

Pioneering Tailored Machine Translation Solutions

Custom.MT is a renowned startup in the language industry, specializing in building machine translation platforms and customizing language models for localization teams.

Their mission is to revolutionize the way businesses handle localization by providing tailored machine translation solutions. From eCommerce to clinical trials and patent filings, Custom.MT empowers businesses with customized machine translation, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all their communication channels.

Challenge & Goals

Overcoming Hackathon Hurdles with Promptitude

Organizing a GPT Hackathon presented several challenges for us at Custom.MT. We needed a platform where participants could collaborate in real-time, moderators could monitor progress, and users could get up to speed quickly.

Additionally, it was crucial that the platform allowed participants to work with their own files. Finding a solution that ticked all these boxes was a daunting task.

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Revolutionizing Hackathons with Promptitude: A Custom.MT Success Story
Revolutionizing Hackathons with Promptitude: A Custom.MT Success Story

Approach & Services

The Game-Changer for GPT Hackathons

Promptitude emerged as the perfect solution for our needs. Its user-friendly interface ensured that learning to use it took no more than 3-5 minutes. This was a significant advantage as it allowed us to focus on the hackathon tasks rather than spending time onboarding participants.

Moreover, Promptitude's advanced features like logs, variables, web page parsing, and cost calculation added immense value to our event. We could monitor participant progress, review outcomes, and even use the platform for some of our day-to-day production tasks post-hackathon.

The result? We successfully organized the world's first localization hackathon, with participants creating hundreds of prompts and gaining valuable prompt engineering skills.

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Konstantin Dranch

Choosing Promptitude was one of the best decisions we made for our GPT Prompt Engineering Hackathon. Its ease of use and advanced features not only made the event a success but also transformed our day-to-day operations.


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