Success story

Boosting Job Seekers' Success with AI-Powered Professional Summaries

"As a career advisor and job search expert, I was struggling to create tailored professional summaries for my clients.

Promptitude's content storage feature allowed me to upload my best examples and generate high-quality summaries based on my expertise, making my clients stand out in the competitive job market."

Robert Fabrin
Robert Fabrin
HR & Recruitment

Better CVs and applications lead to more job interviews.

Arbeit is a career guidance platform designed to make job searching easier and more efficient for its users. Founded by Robert Fabrin, a career counselor and job search expert, Arbeit offers a methodical approach to crafting CVs and cover letters, helping job seekers secure more interviews and reduce uncertainty in their job search process.

The platform provides articles, pro tips, and templates based on data-driven insights into employers' preferences and successful job seekers' strategies.

Challenge & Goals

The Challenge of Crafting Perfect Professional Summaries

Arbeit's main challenge was creating tailored professional summaries for job seekers that would stand out from generic online templates.

They wanted to leverage AI technology to generate high-quality summaries based on their own best practices and expertise. Additionally, they aimed to expand their services to include generating LinkedIn profiles and cover letters using the same AI-powered approach.

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Boosting Job Seekers' Success with AI-Powered Professional Summaries
Boosting Job Seekers' Success with AI-Powered Professional Summaries

Approach & Services

Harnessing the Power of Promptitude

Promptitude, a prompting productivity platform for businesses, provided the perfect solution for Arbeit's needs. By uploading their expertly crafted professional summary examples to Promptitude's content storage, Arbeit could utilize the platform's AI capabilities to generate personalized summaries for their clients.

The content storage feature allowed Arbeit to create a knowledge base of their best practices, which the AI could then use to generate output tailored to each client's specific needs. This resulted in professional summaries that aligned with Arbeit's proven strategies and increased their clients' chances of landing interviews and job offers.

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Robert Fabrin

Promptitude has been a game-changer for our business. It allows us to provide our clients with personalized, high-quality professional summaries that truly make a difference in their job search. We're excited to continue leveraging Promptitude's AI capabilities to expand our services and help even more job seekers succeed.


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