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Google Sheets Add-on

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Streamline Prompts for Team Efficiency in Google Sheets

Easily run multiple AI prompts with a single click directly in Google Sheets, transforming databases into dynamic AI inputs to optimize workflows effortlessly.

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Privacy & Security

COMING SOON: Experience unparalleled efficiency by integrating Promptitude directly into Google Sheets.

This integration not only enhances your productivity but also transforms Google Sheets into a dynamic no-code tool that responds to your prompts, providing customization of the formula and running prompts and multiple results at the touch of a button.


  • Transparency: Track your usage of prompts with precision, optimizing the use of tokens and minimizing waste. Furthermore, safeguard your operations with advanced security measures provided by selecting specific API keys tailored for your tasks.
  • Start Free and Advance: Kickstart your journey with Promptitude using 100K complimentary tokens! After they are used, easily connect your preferred AI provider to continue. Test thoroughly and ensure it's right for you, then explore Promptitude's advanced features and upgrade to plans that scale with your productivity.
  • Support you, but we're not perfect :) Our support team is here to assist you consistently; however, please note that third-party issues like cookies, firewalls, permissions, and multiple Google accounts management may arise and are beyond our control. We value your understanding.

1️⃣ Join Promptitude by registering for free, verifying your account, and start creating powerful prompts.

2️⃣ Install the add-on in Google Sheets: Easy Way - Coming Soon Here!

  • First, log in to Google Sheets. Ensure you are logged in with only one Google account to avoid conflicts. You can also do this in incognito mode.
  • Next, in your spreadsheet, click Extensions > Add-Ons > Manage Add-Ons.
  • Find Promptitude.io, click install, and you're done!

After installing the add-on…

Login to your Promptitude account, select a prompt, and start generating! You can generate from a complete template, via a formula, or directly in your file—all options are at your fingertips. You're done!

  • Create a Sheets Template Ready-to-Use: Use one prompt to efficiently build out extensive databases, containing input variables, help texts, and default values.
  • Formula Transformation: Use simple formulas in Google Sheets to execute multiple prompts and generate varied results.
  • Use Prompts Directly: Quickly fill input variables and generate results. Easily paste or insert results into any cell with a single click.
  • Run multiple prompts and generations easily: Test different prompt versions, collaborate with your team, and categorize results quickly. Just insert the formula, drag, and go!
  • Turn a prompt into powerful AI databases: Use one prompt to efficiently build out extensive databases, perfect for organizing everything from social media content grids to complex data sets.
  • Save selected generated content with your brand style: Unify the curated results of your prompts with your content storage, and keep your communication streamlined with your Google organization team.
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